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The iconic Mexic-Arte Museum spans two blocks of the vibrant Congress Avenue in downtown Austin. Founded in 1984 by a passionate group of local artists, this unique museum is dedicated to preserving and promoting Mexican American culture through artworks from Mexico and worldwide. From its earliest beginnings during a Day of The Dead Festival celebration – it’s now grown into an established institution giving visitors access to an array of exhibitions featuring emerging talent from Latin America. With galleries filled with artifacts that date back centuries combined with modern pieces designed for stimulating creativity, there’s always something remarkable waiting to be explored at their current exhibition, Diego y Frida: A Smile In The Middle Of The Way. All these are set within a dynamic cityscape, bustling nightlife hotspots, and elevated restaurants tucked away among high-rise office buildings offering all sorts of cultural experiences that capture any wanderer’s heart.

The Mexic-Arte Museum provides educational opportunities to support individuals’ cultural enrichment and growth. Innovative workshops, professional development training sessions, and curriculum resources foster creative problem-solving skills while increasing students’ understanding of different cultures. Participants can strengthen their classroom with insights from the museum’s education staff, who have been approved by TEA as providers for CPE hours.  Students can enrich their art-making experience with the “Screen It” program.

This innovative curriculum is an excellent way for young adults to express their creativity and explore Latin heritage. It uses screen printing- a powerful tool historically tied to civil rights movements – as its primary control board. Through class exercises that promote cultural pride, guided exhibitions, and other endeavors ranging from graphic arts to performance pieces, creative skills are ignited while building lasting memories by bonding over artwork produced together! Just be sure to take advantage of their annual Viva la Vida Festival: it’s all about celebrating Latino culture through live music performances, complete with food trucks lined up throughout downtown Austin!

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