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If you are interested in exploring the city of Austin, Texas, you’ve likely heard of the Congress Avenue Bridge. This six-lane tree-lined avenue stretches through the city’s center and crosses over Lady Bird Lake. It also leads to the Texas State Capitol, which is located just a short distance away. However, you may have never taken the time to see this magnificent structure before. Listed below are some things to know about this historic structure.

The historic Congress Avenue Bridge connects downtown and south Austin. When it was built in 1980, workers created an expansion joint between the bridge’s box beams that trapped the heat from the sun during the day and retained it during the night. This made it an ideal hideout for the city’s Chiroptera bats, which measure three and a half inches long. During the early 1980s, the growing colony of these bats frightened many residents. Now, the settlement is a beloved part of the Austin community.

During the bats’ migration season, bats will emerge from the bridge about thirty minutes before sunset. During bat season, the bats will leave around 7:30pm to nine pm. However, this depends on the time of year. For the best chance of observing bats, visit the Congress Avenue Bridge Austin TX before sunset. If you plan to spend the night on the bridge, be sure to arrive about 90 minutes before sunset to catch a glimpse of them. >> Next attraction

Congress Avenue is a major thoroughfare in Austin, Texas. This six-lane tree-lined avenue leads through the heart of the city and crosses Lady Bird Lake. Lady Bird Lake is now the largest natural body of water in Texas. It is an iconic symbol of the town, and it has been a popular tourist attraction for nearly a century. If you are in town to enjoy the Texas State Capitol, be sure to take a stroll on Congress Avenue.

The Congress Avenue Bridge has a unique relationship with bats. The bridge’s crevices provide ideal conditions for bats to raise their young. The pavement on the top of the bridge warms up during the day, which helps the pups stay warm. At sundown, mature bats take flight from the bridge in swarms. These flights provide a free source of entertainment for the residents of Austin. As a result, Tuttle has worked to create a peaceful coexistence between bats and humans.

There are currently several interim improvements on Congress Avenue. One of them aims to address significant crash patterns. The temporary improvements will total $190 million over five years. The Congress Avenue Bridge connects two of the city’s most significant pedestrian and bicycle crash intersections. By improving visibility and yielding, will reduce multiple types of crashes. In addition, it will establish a physical separation between bicycles and motor vehicles. Regardless of the reason, the bridge is an iconic symbol in the heart of the city.

The Congress Avenue Bridge is home to 1.5 million bats. During the summer months, they are seen roosting in the bridge’s tree-filled crevices. At night, they emerge from the cracks, attracting hundreds of spectators. Bats can be seen in the southeast corner of the bridge, where a grassy area and signs explain the anatomy of the insects that live in the tree-filled crevices beneath it.

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