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The city of Austin is an economic powerhouse! Thanks to the booming real estate market and a never-ending stream of businesses relocating or expanding in the area, it’s no surprise that employment opportunities abound. Prices have been rising steadily year after year – making this Texas capital one of America’s fastest-growing cities, with plenty for all job seekers, entrepreneurs, and homeowners alike.

Austin is a city on the rise. Compared to other US metropolises, it is second-lowest in Median Real Estate taxes at $3281 – and that’s twice as low as both averages for Texas and nationwide! It may have originally been founded as a farming community. However, over time Austin has grown into an impressive cultural hub home to the University of Texas & State Capitol building. The current economy shows no signs of slowing down either; with growth rates significantly above average across multiple sectors, including tech, finance, and artistry alike – this “Live Music Capital” should certainly be considered when making your next move, as well as plenty of parks and outdoors!

During the 1980s, a new urbanist movement focused on redeveloping residential property to accommodate commercial space while preserving historic structures. However, this led to drops in property values and absentee landlords capitalizing off weak local zoning laws & code enforcement along with the outdated infrastructure that couldn’t handle issues like flooding, which still plagued Austin decades later.  

Today, Austin is a thriving technology and business center with a solid economic focus on education and government. Starting in the 1960s with companies such as Tractor (now BAE Systems) taking root here, industry giants like IBM and Motorola have followed suit over the years – ensuring that Austin’s economy has been buoyed by investments from some of America’s top innovators. With substantial government involvement providing further assistance to its education systems plus semiconductor chip manufactories continuing to operate today, there can be no doubt that Austin offers attractive prospects for businesses. More in the following article.

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