Round Rock - A Northern Suburb of Austin TX Metro

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Austin, TX, has grown into a remarkable metropolis since 2020. With the second-highest percentage of homeowners in the country and a cost of living that includes utilities, it’s no wonder why people flock to this vibrant city! But if you’re looking for a slightly lower monthly expense with all the same benefits Austin offers – Round Rock might be your ideal destination. An actual northern suburb of the Austin metro area and is still close enough for its residents to enjoy many perks without sacrificing affordability or quality amenities.

Round Rock, Texas, is the perfect combination of bustling city life and suburban charm. This picturesque Northern suburb of Austin boasts a population of 119,468 people – making it much more than just another tiny agricultural community as it once was in the 1950s. Booming businesses have made this northern suburb city a home providing entertainment opportunities like no other, from its captivating downtown scene outfitted with shops and restaurants galore to being at the center stage for concerts by The Austin Symphony Orchestra or the Austin Community College (ACC) sporting events. There’s something special happening here around every corner! Whether you are visiting on vacation or moving into your new dream home, one thing will always remain true: There’s nothing quite like exploring this vibrant oasis full of endless surprises outside the capital limits.

Round Rock, the northern suburb of Austin’s metro area, is an awe-inspiring city with a thriving economy and excellent schools. The renowned technology giant Dell – founded in 1984 by University of Texas college student Michael Dell – has made it’s home here for almost 40 years due to financial incentives from Round Rock’s Chapter 380 agreement that splits sales tax revenue between the company and local government. Other significant companies within this bustling community are Emerson Electric, T-Mobile & Samsung, employing over 13 thousand people worldwide! On top of these great businesses lies a well-established school district — ranked #1 in academics according to– providing knowledge seekers their ideal study environment!

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